CHOYCE is a Recruiting Agency specially dedicates to back office recruitment, include but not limited to Executive Assistant (EA), Personal Assistant (PA), Secretary, Office Manager (OM), Administrator, Receptionist, Legal Secretary and Company Secretary.

Recruiting consultants is a high pressure work to do, thus the working style in CHOYCE is always flexible. We play music to relax during working hours. Compare to the other agencies outside, instead of just competing to each other, CHOYCE’s employees are amazingly supportive and friendly. We divided our roles into 4 desks: Legal, Banking, Commercial and Temporary but we would help other consultants to source candidates for the roles as well.

CHOYCE is a people oriented Recruiting Agency. We try our best to keep in touch with clients and candidates, providing them updates to the recent market, advices for them to make the best decision. To ensure our clients will source the best candidates that would fit their company style while saving their time, every candidate that are sending to our clients are met face-to-face with our consultants.

CHOYCE always thinking different ways to minimize the time that would consumed to our clients and candidates in the recruiting process. As we know the time of our clients’ and candidates’ are precious — especially for the good PAs, EAs and Secretaries, their responsible personality will never allows them to quit their work without notifying their current boss. So CHOYCE had thought of an innoative way to satisfying both sides — our video service.

We are making a Recruiting Revolution. The recruiting service of CHOYCE is hassel-free, efficient and simple. CHOYCE is the first recruiting agency in Hong Kong that will take a short video to our candidates. We do understand that the requirement of the language standard of a Secretaries had rapidly rising nowadays, thus we will ask questions in English and Mandarin during the video. CHOYCE would send the suitable candidate’s video to the client through a link that would expired in 3 working days with their video and CV on it. Clients could easily find out whether that candidate’s language and experience could meet their through this video service. Then simply press the “Yes” “No” button on the top of the candidate page to let our consultants know whether this candidate is qualified to the next round. So no more back and forward phone calls during your busy working hour and it could speed up the process as well.

The above is still not the end of the revolution. CHOYCE keeps improving, exploring and updating ourselves in order to help our clients and cabdidates to find their best match. We would like to end this article with our favourite phrase – “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” – Maya Angelou. The revolution will never end.


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