Progressive, innovative, and agile secretarial recruitment is what we do best, and it’s what we offer every client. Whether you’re looking for a personal assistant or executive assistant, putting the hiring into the hands of professional secretarial recruiters is always the right choice. With CHOYCE, you’re hiring cutting-edge talent acquisition experts – we set the bar higher every day. By integrating the latest technology into our game-changing approach to recruitment, we achieve unparalleled results for both client and candidate.

Digitalising the Hire

As soon as a client needs a personal or executive assistant, we can set them up with a candidate who meets their needs. This process is digitalised through the use of candidate self-registration and video interviews, which we then pair with analytics and distribute to the client. Combining that with our rigorous screening process, we guarantee a fast, easy, and successful secretarial recruitment process. This modern approach has yielded enormous satisfaction for both client and candidate. In addition, it’s decreased hiring time and increased speed to market.

Hiring Time

The CHOYCE secretarial recruitment process has cut hiring time by 40%. That’s time our clients get to spend working with their new PA or EA instead of still looking for one, and it’s time our candidates get to spend doing what they love instead of looking for work. We’re also working harder every day to cut this time down even further. In our digital interviews, we have motivated, highly-qualified secretarial candidates who can be quickly and accurately matched to a client that needs their skills. Getting candidate to client with satisfaction on both sides: this is our promise as leading secretarial recruitment professionals.

Speed to Market

Thanks to the hard work, dedication, and focus of the CHOYCE team, we have set ourselves apart from the crowd in terms of speed. Getting three CVs out in 20 minutes – that’s the kind of efficiency we are constantly striving to deliver. When a PA or EA comes to us, we know they want to get hired fast, and when a company, firm, or individual tells us they’re looking to hire, we know that time is of the essence. That’s why our commitment to getting to market faster than the competition is so important, and it’s why CHOYCE is the right choice for secretarial recruitment.

Understand. Innovate. Exceed. Those three words sum up our mandate. And with results like 95+% placement after sending out only 6 CVs, we’re living up to it. We have over 15,000 pre-screened secretaries, personal assistants, and executive assistants waiting to be hired, and with the 40% reduction in hiring time that our digitalisation process has afforded us, they move fast. Our client and candidate feedback on this process is always positive because we listen and adapt, ensuring that we always meet the needs of everyone we work with.

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