Our clients at CHOYCE secretarial recruitment are looking for the best personal assistants and executive assistants they can get. We provide them with just that, and do it faster than anyone could possibly hope to with traditional recruitment alone. Using candidate self-registration, video interviews, and more, we have cut down hiring time by 40%. Exciting new technologies like Smart Data and VR promise to cut this hiring time even further, and that’s why we’ve always got one eye to the future to ensure we can provide the best service possible to our clients. We have over 15,000 trilingual assistants and secretaries screened and awaiting employment, and with placement a 95+% likelihood after providing just 6 CVs, CHOYCE can virtually guarantee our clients a PA in record time.

The focus, dedication, and commitment to service at CHOYCE secretarial recruitment is second-to-none. We get candidates to market faster, get them hired sooner, and close the placement with a client more efficiently. Both candidate and client feedback is overwhelmingly positive, and we like to let that speak for itself. This success hasn’t been an easy feat – we’ve had to adopt some of the most cutting-edge techniques and adapt to some of the most recent technological innovations in secretarial recruitment to get here. But every time one of our executive assistants gets hired, and every time our name comes up as a leader in Hong Kong recruitment, and every time our clients tell us they can’t believe how quickly we matched them with a PA or EA, it makes all the hard work worth it.

CHOYCE is changing the game in talent acquisition, and secretarial recruitment is no exception. Getting 3 CVs out in 20 minutes should be unheard of, but that’s what we’ve come to expect from ourselves. Having the boldness to eschew more traditional tactics and metrics to make room for the ever-changing modern landscape of HR has become yet another hallmark of our process. We’re dedicated to agile and progressive secretarial recruitment, which is why we’re so forward-thinking and growing so quickly. We guarantee that all of our associates, whether candidate or client, are entering into a dynamic working partnership with us that ensures success for everybody.

If you’re a PA looking to use your skills to do what you love for the best companies in Hong Kong, CHOYCE can get you hired. If you’re in need of a secretary and want to hire the top talent with the least downtime, then CHOYCE is right for you, too. Our consultants use data-driven expertise to accurately vet and deliver candidates to our clients within minutes of receiving a request. Many of these candidates (as many as 85%) are working exclusively with us, which means when you hire with CHOYCE, you have access to highly-qualified assistants who aren’t available on the open market! All of this comes together to make CHOYCE secretarial recruitment the absolute best choice you can make for talent acquisition in Hong Kong.

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